Who Am I?

Who am I? Such a hard question to respond to when putting it on paper. Or should I say blog? Anyway, onto the question at hand.

My name is Heather. I’m starting this blog in hopes to encourage other mothers like myself, women or anyone really along the journey of life. Not just any journey. A healthy one. If you could see me now you would immediately click the back arrow on your browser and find something better to read. I’m not the best healthy version of myself. I’m overweight, getting little exercise and I still show evidence of having a baby. Maybe to some I still look pregnant. But that’s why I wanted to create this blog.

This will be a way to keep myself accountable when it comes to my spiritual, mental and physical overall health. I’m not writing about these things because I’m an expert. I’m writing because one day there is going to be someone searching the web to find another individual that is going through the same thing.

My blog somewhat targets moms, but not limited to them. I plan to write about my fitness journey along with my spiritual journey. I plan to post healthy food recipes along with workouts that I’m finding most beneficial. Before I begin blogging about life, here is a quick summary of me.

I’m currently working as a reporter in Indiana for a local news station. I have been in the business over five years. Believe it or not, I’ve wanted to do this job since I was about three years old. Even though it took me a while in college to remember my childhood dream.

10959546_10203808196347160_1516369543980492504_n  I’m married to one of the sweetest, kindest, God loving men I know. Long story short–I prayed for my husband Steven since I was 16 years old. The years I prayed most for my future husband were 2011 through 2014. I had just gotten out of a four year relationship so I decided single life was the best way to prepare myself as a wife. Three years I stayed single until I knew Steven was the man God had for me. We started dating in March of 2014. Got engaged August of the same year and were married on November 1, 2014. Then, there was Aurora.


Aurora July 4th

We were nine months into our marriage when we found out we were expecting our first child. It was the same week we packed up all of our belongings and were moving from Mississippi to Indiana for my job. Our little girl greeted us on April 17, 2016. Now, she is three months old and I’m writing a blog.

13537774_10206982464541881_7554895730247734061_nI’m nowhere near the person I want to be. I look at every part of my life and see places I want to improve. I want to be healthier and fit. I want to be mentally rested. I want to have unfailing faith. I want people to KNOW I serve God with my whole heart. Most of all, I want to encourage others to do the same. Whatever your journey may be I hope my posts will find a way to help you with whatever goals you’re trying to accomplish.

Until next time,





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