The Day I Learned I Was Going To Be A Mom


It was a year ago today, August 10, 2015, when I found out I was going to be a mom. I remember it so clearly. My husband and I just moved all of our belongings into a storage unit minus the basics. We were living at my sister-in-laws house for a week before we made the big move to Indiana. I was feeling some nausea a few weeks prior, but assumed I was dehydrated.

I decided to finally take a test to make sure. After I took the test, I had to wait two minutes before I could find out the results. Surprisingly, I was in the kitchen eating chips instead of hovering over the pregnancy test. I still didn’t think I was pregnant. Although, my cravings for chips and crunchy food should have been a clue.

My husband on the other hand couldn’t wait a whole minute.  He snuck into the bathroom to see if the test was showing any signs. That’s when he came back into the kitchen with a BIG smile and said, “you’re pregnant.” I was in shock. I began to eat my chips even faster while letting those words sink in. Then I started laughing because I was probably one of the few women in the world that her husband told her she was pregnant.

Why was I so shocked? I didn’t always live my life right for God. I had a past filled with destruction that gave me doubts that I could ever have children. Without going into major details, I knew I always wanted children, but didn’t think it would happen. But God’s timing was essential. By His grace and mercy I was expecting my first child with my amazing husband.

I was mostly shocked, but really excited. I had no clue what the next few months would bring. Next, we had to tell our family. Finding out we were pregnant a week before we moved was scary. However, I’m so thankful we got to tell our families in person. I called my sister on the phone first with the news. Then, we told Steven’s sister, Jamie, later that night. She was so shocked she spit cereal out of her mouth. We knew she would be excited because she loves kids. The next day, we told Steven’s mom and other sister Leigh while enjoying one of our last visits with them. As we were saying our goodbyes that we week, we were sharing some big news. I think it made it even harder to  leave because we would be so far away.

I look back at that day remembering of how unsure I was about the future. I had so many emotions with all the changes we were experiencing. I had just accepted a new job, we were moving to a different state and expecting our first child all at once. Blessings overload. The ironic thing is, I wanted to wait several years before Steven and I had kids. However, God wanted to bless us earlier than I had planned. I wasn’t upset at all. Everyday I look at Aurora and think how glad I am God changed my plans. She brings Steven and I so much joy each day. Her smiles melt our hearts in more ways than I could ever have imagined.

IMG_7567I will always remember August 10, 2015 as the day I knew I was becoming a mom. One of the most exciting, scariest and uncertain times of my life. I’m truly thankful for God’s grace and blessings over our lives.

Do you remember the day when you found out you were becoming a mom for the first time? Any funny ways you revealed it to your husband or family? I would love to hear about it. Just add your story in the comment section below.













2 thoughts on “The Day I Learned I Was Going To Be A Mom

  1. Heather Dickey says:

    My Husband told me I was pregnant with my first just like with you! He was the one to check to test and tell me.
    With the second, I found out a few days before Christmas. I wrapped the pregnancy test in a christmas box and told him it was an early present he needed to open before Christmas. I recorded him opening it! He was definitely in shock. He said “Whose is this?”

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