The Truth Behind Cloth Diapering: Are they worth it?


“I’m never going to use cloth diapers. They’re too much work.” Anytime cloth diapers came up, this was my response. I even would cringe at the idea of touching my child’s waste every time I changed her diaper. So what changed my mind, you ask?

I was scrolling through Pinterest one day, looking at baby stuff when I saw several pins for cloth diapering. I remember passing them several times thinking it wasn’t worth the read. However, my curiosity got the better of me so I decided to read a little bit about them. The cute pictures of the diapers were really what caught my attention. After reading one article, I knew I wanted to throw out the idea of disposables and use cloth diapers instead.

Here are 5 reasons why I love cloth diapering:

1. Cloth Diapers Can Save Money.

According to a recent study done by Baby Center, parents can spend up to $2,000 on disposable diapers for a child’s first year of life. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money.

When I first started looking at which diapers to buy I totaled up the cost. It was going to cost nearly $800 for me to get about 32 cloth diapers. That was still a lot of money, but I was willing to invest in them. After doing lots of research and constantly looking on Amazon for great prices, I ended up paying only $160. That bought me 24 cloth diaper covers and bamboo inserts, one small wet bag and four cloth baby wipes. If you’ve researched cloth diapers, then you know that was an awesome price.  Usually you can’t buy one snap cloth diaper and cover cheaper than $13.


(Pictured above are 12 of my 24 diaper covers with bamboo inserts. Small wet bag and cloth wipes not pictured)

I decided not to buy any more than 24. I wanted to have enough for a couple of days, but didn’t want to have hundreds of cloth diapers. Why? Because I knew I would wait longer to wash them. Even though I love cloth diapers I’m not a fan of letting wet and poopy diapers sit for days at a time. This brings me to my next reason.

2. Cloth Diapers Are NOT that gross.

One thing that turned me off of cloth diapers at first was the idea of touching  poop and pee. Obviously, you wash cloth diapers unlike disposables where you throw them away. I believe in some ways you deal with less mess with cloth diapers.

With the type of diapers I have, you pull out the insert by the very tip and wrap it in the cover. Then you place the diaper and insert in the wet or dry bag. With poop diapers you do the same except I rinse mine off in the toilet with a handle sprayer. When you go to wash them, you just dump the bag upside down into the washing machine and then place the bag in with the diapers to wash. Simple as that.

3. Washing cloth diapers are easier than you think.

Since I only have 24 diapers, I usually wash them every other day. My daughter is 4 months  old and she goes through about 8-10 diapers a day. I change her about every two hours during the day. There are longer stretches when she sleeps at night for about 6 hours straight.

One thing I want to mention is that washing cloth diapers is more than just throwing them in the washer with laundry detergent followed by the dryer. It’s the trickiest part of the whole cloth diaper experience, but shouldn’t be too hard to get a good washing routine. (Check out my blog next week for a post on what you need for cloth diapering and my personal wash routine.)

4. Less diaper rashes for baby.

After my daughter was born, I decided to use disposables on her in the beginning. A newborn has poo called meconium for the first several days after birth. It can be tar-like which I heard can be hard to get out of cloth diapers. Also, she was a little small to fit in her cloth diapers.

The first two months we used disposable diapers, Aurora had issues with diaper rash. She already has very sensitive skin and I could tell the diapers were irritating her skin. I know other moms even say to me how their child has to wear a certain brand of diapers because others cause breakouts of some kind.

Ever since I switched Aurora to cloth diapers, she has yet to have another rash. Disposable diapers have a lot of chemicals in them to cause them to be absorbent. That’s why some babies breakout when wearing them. However, babies can get diaper rash with cloth diapers. Most of the time it’s because your washing routine may not be getting them clean. Another cause could be that your baby’s skin is being irritated by the detergent you’re using. But diaper rashes are less likely with cloth diapers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unknown chemicals touching your baby’s skin.

5. They’re so darn cute!

Let’s face it. Whether you’re having a boy or girl, you want your bundle of joy to be cute from head to toe. Cloth diapers have come a long way in the looks department. Once I switched my daughter exclusively to cloth diapers, I realized how much I hated seeing that generic diaper. (Not hating on the moms that choose to use disposables.) My baby girl can be stylish while wearing a more natural diaper that saves us money.

Be warned! Because cloth diapers are so cute, buying diapers can get addicting. In turn, you may end up spending more money than you would have on disposables. I’ve found myself wanting to buy even more, but I don’t want to add a bigger laundry pile.

After reading this post, I encourage you to research cloth diapers more if you feel like it may interest you. These reasons are all my personal opinion through experience. If you are a mother who uses disposables and still chooses to do so then that’s great too. Cloth diapers are a preference just like everything else in parenting. I never want a mom to read my posts and feel bad about the choices she’s made for her children.

Do you cloth diaper? If so what are some reasons why you chose them over disposables? Feel free to add your reasons in the comment section below.

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