A Preview of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ New Target Line

IMG_4541.jpgThe day has finally arrived! Chip and Joanna’s “Hearth and Hand” collection is officially at Target. With the recent announcement of the ending to their show “Fixer Upper” this could not have come at a better time. Not to mention Black Friday and Christmas is right around the corner. So I decided to head to Target on opening day to see how affordable these items really are. Here’s what I found.

Living Room Decor:

Most of the room decor like pillows, blankets and foot rest were in colors like white, green, black. As you can see below some were a mixture of those colors but in plaid. Each item felt like quality products. The pillows were super comfy feeling. The tin candles smelled amazing. They even come in different fragrances. Here’s what you can expect to pay for these items.

White pillow with Green tassels: $25

Small Plaid Pillows: $25

Tin Candle: $20

Tin Vase: $20

Plaid Foot Rest: $60

Black House Lanterns: $25


Kitchen Decor:

This was my favorite section. I have been wanting those black matte plates for a while. I also love the small detail items you can add to your kitchen without breaking the bank, unless you’re trying to get everything at once. Here are some prices on the kitchen decor.

Large Stoneware Plates: $6 each

Large Black Coffee Mugs: $4

White Bowl with House Print: $4

Wooden Cutting boards: $12-$19 (Depending on sizes)

Striped Napkins: $10 for 4

Water Pitchers: $20

White Cream and Sugar Bowls: $6 each

Bell Cookie Cutters: $3 for 3

House Cookie Cutters: $3 for 3

White Hot Coco Pot: $34 

Christmas Decor:

I was surprised there weren’t as many items for this section. But everything I did see was classic and simple items that definitely go along with a Farmhouse/Joanna Gaines Christmas decor.

Ornament Set: $13 for 8

Green Wreath: $34

Wire Tree Topper: $14

Wrapping Paper: $6

Name Tags: $5

Plaid Christmas Ribbon: $6-$9 (Depending on size)

Items for Men:

I really liked that there were some items for guys. It wasn’t a large section but I really thought these items are what guys use on a daily basis.

Men’s Toiletry Bag: $14

Tote Bags: $20

White and Leather Thermos: $25

Work Gloves: $14

Wallet Set: $30

Kid Items:

This section was small as well. There were just a few items but again they were super cute and reasonably priced.

Wooden Doll House: $130

Wooden Work Bench Set: $100

Baking Set: $20

Block Puzzle Set: $25

Wooden 19 Piece Coco Set: $40

These are just a few of the items in their overall collection. I got to Target only two hours after it opened and they had already sold out of a lot of the items. You can see their full line on Target.com. You can also order items online, especially if your local Target is selling out of items. I’ve already made a Christmas Wishlist for my husband.

What’s your favorite item out of the collection?

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