9 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them

9 Things Keeping you From Your Goal Weight

You eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week, but the weight isn’t coming off. You’re frustrated and want to quit. Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight but can’t seem to shake those last 20 pounds. Or maybe you’ve been working out and haven’t seen your weight budge. Here are some reasons why you may not be seeing results.

  1. Skipping Breakfast: Breakfast needs to be your largest amount of calorie intake of the day. You should be getting about 4oo calories from breakfast. I don’t mean a couple of donuts. I mean good quality food. Studies show that if you skip breakfast you actually gain weight. When you’re asleep at night, your body basically goes into fasting mode. When you eat breakfast, it kick starts your metabolism. But if you skip breakfast, your body will store fat because it thinks it’s preparing for lack of food.

Here’s an example of what I eat that rounds out to about 400 calories. 

2 eggs

2 slices of turkey bacon

Ezekiel Toast with almond butter

10 ounce cup of coffee with creamer and sugar

2. Not Changing Your Routine: It’s said that after about 6 weeks your body gets used to a workout. That’s why you need to switch it up. Change up the arm routine. Add more weights. Stay on the treadmill longer. Find a class that challenges you more. Your body wants to be challenged. Don’t be afraid to take it to the next level. If you always stay at an easy routine or pace you’ll never see what your body can really do.

3. Working out too much: Maybe you’ve been working out 5 days a week. You’ve dropped about 20 pounds but now you’re stuck. You may need to back off a bit. Sometimes our bodies need time to heal from our workouts. We tend to workout more when we don’t see results. Try only exercising 3 to 4 days a week instead. See if that will help your body start shedding those pounds.

4. Not using enough weights: When you want to lose weight many people think of cardio. While cardio, like running, does help you burn fat; weights actually do a better job. I use 10 pound dumbbells when I workout. They’re not too heavy for me to use but they challenge me to push through. Weights help you burn as much fat as cardio. They also help you start toning your muscles. Ladies, don’t be afraid to pick up the weights.

5. Sitting down too much: I struggled with this one. All thanks to Netflix. I would go to the gym and workout for 2 hours. Then, I would come home and sit and binge Netflix. Of course while watching tv I wanted to snack. I saw no changes in my weight. If you’re not moving then you’re not going to see results. Find a way to stay active. Create a to-do list of things you need to get done around the house. If your job calls you to sit a lot, then get up every 30 minutes to walk around. It doesn’t have to be long but taking a quick lap around the office will help you lose weight. Maybe even throw in 10 squats for every time you get up. (If you don’t want to do the squats in front of your coworkers, then do them in the bathroom stall.

6. Over Eating: This was my biggest struggle. I eat healthy foods but I found myself eating more than I should. One way to help you see how much you’re eating throughout the day is by counting your calories. Don’t worry, it’s not a longterm thing. You can download apps like Fitbit where they will help you keep track of your calories. It will also give you the total of how many calories you need to consume depending on your weight, exercise routine and how much you want to lose.  If you eat a lot of the same things then you may only need to do this for about 3 days. It gives you the idea of portions. Eventually, you’ll get used to how much serving sizes are and won’t need to count the calories. Like I said, it’s not a longterm thing. I don’t believe you should always count your calories. It’s just not a fun way to live.

7. Lack of Sleep: Our bodies need sleep to recover. If you’re getting only a few hours of sleep at night then you may not be seeing weight loss. It may also be impacting the way you do workouts. If you’ve been consistent, I can imagine it’s a struggle with no energy. If you’re not getting at least 8 hours of sleep then you may need to go to bed earlier.

8. Not Drinking Enough Water: Water is your friend. It helps clear your system and keeps you hydrated. The more active you are the more you need. If you hate the taste of water then try squeezing fresh lemon juice in it. You can even add fruit like strawberries to improve the taste. Lemon water is a really great way to restore electrolytes compared to the sugary sport drinks. You should be drinking 8 glasses a day. I personally try to drink a gallon a day when I’m really active.

9. Too much Alcohol and Sugar: These two are some of the top things that will keep you from meeting your goals. A glass of wine every once in a while is okay, but if you’re drinking margaritas every weekend then it’s going to be hard for you to see major changes. Also, sugar is another bad habit. Often times it’s in food we don’t even know about. If it says “low fat” then it has tons of sugar to keep it preserved on the shelf longer. Avoid anything “low fat.” Read labels on items you buy in packages. You will be shocked to find out how much sugar there really is.

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