8 Ways To Not Overeat Thanksgiving Dinner

IMG_0275Thanksgiving is next week and I bet you’re already thinking about the yummy food. All while worried you may throw your “new eating lifestyle” out the window. Instead of worrying about overeating, here are some tips to take with you to Thanksgiving Dinner.

  1. Eat before: If you’re having a mid-day lunch or dinner, make sure you eat before. Don’t skip breakfast in hopes to have more room for food. It will cause you to gorge yourself later. Eat a healthy breakfast. Also a snack and maybe lunch depending on what time the meal is. That way you’re not regretting the amount of food you consume.
  2. Eat smaller portions: I use this tip in my every day life. Instead of grabbing the big dinner plate. Grab the small to medium plate. This will allow you to keep your portions small. Especially, if you want to taste everything available. So when your eyes are bigger than your stomach you can actually enjoy the meal. I would say do the same with desserts. You can still taste all of the pies but make sure to keep them at a small portion. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  3. Don’t stand near the food: A lot of times we all gather around the buffet of food and have conversations with our friends and family. So when someone else is talking you start snacking in between. Instead, take the conversation to the living room. Relax and enjoy time with your family.
  4. Go for a walk: A great way to burn off your Thanksgiving meal before getting dessert is going for a walk around the block. This could be great time to talk more with family you haven’t seen in a while. And get away from those driving you crazy. Include the kids as well. Maybe ride bikes together. Anything to get you moving while growing closer with your loved ones.
  5. Workout before the Thanksgiving meal: If the meal is later in the day then it’s a perfect time to grab a quick workout before you leave. It doesn’t even have to be long. A 30 minute HIIT workout would be great. Especially for all of those cooking Thanksgiving this year.
  6. Drink water: A good rule of thumb I follow is drinking water with my meal. Sometimes I’ll even drink a big glass before. That causes me to fill up quickly while maintaining my portions. You can always grab that glass of wine later. But for dinner stick with water. You will eat less and stay hydrated.
  7. Bring a healthy dish or dessert: This is a perfect way to make sure there is something remotely healthy at your Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, it’s the time where you eat all things unhealthy. But you can incorporate healthy foods that taste just as good. Maybe even bring a healthier dessert than Pecan Pie. That way you can share a new recipe with family and make sure something healthy gets on your plate.
  8. Enjoy your meal: Thanksgiving is about coming together with the ones you love. So don’t stress too much about the food. You can eat that slice of pie, but just be smart about it. Life is short. Enjoy the amazing foods that come with this holiday. As long as you use these tricks then you’ll find yourself happy about the choices you made. Not regretting every calorie you ate.

What are some things you do to make sure you don’t overeat on Thanksgiving?

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