Why I Replaced My TV With A Chair

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Like many of you we have a TV in our living room. We sit down and watch the latest shows on Netflix and Hulu. As a family we enjoy movie nights on the weekend. But one day the TV stopped working. It broke. The coloring was going out a month before but we expected it would last longer. It was our only TV. We didn’t have the money to quickly replace it either. What were we going to do now? Everything.

I remember waking up the day after it broke and catching myself trying to turn on the TV. When I remembered it was broken I kind of shrugged and went on about my day. Usually, I watch an episode of something during Aurora’s nap. But I had to find something else to do.

I cleaned, organized, read my Bible, wrote posts for my blog, cooked a meal. I even had time to do a craft. My week continued to look just like that. Now, it’s a month later and I realize I don’t miss TV at all. I am getting so much done. It feels great to be living life instead of watching others on TV.

Once I discovered my newfound freedom, I sat down with my husband. He had been talking a lot about buying a 4K TV for the living room. But we both felt like life is so much better without a TV. We can have conversations and focus on one another. We accomplish so much more. That’s why we decided to replace the TV with a chair.

Instead of organizing our living room around the TV we are organizing the furniture around what really matters. Time with others. By adding this new chair, we are not only investing in conversations among guests and family members when they come over, we’re also investing in quiet time with God. This is the spot we go to that gives us some quiet time with our creator.

Who knew a broken TV would fill our lives with so much purpose. Funny thing is replacing the TV with a chair isn’t the only thing we’ve been thinking about. My husband and I are now more focused on paying off debt so we can help others. We are hoping one day to even adopt. There are so many things we want to invest in. By getting rid of our TV, our concentration has been switched to things that matter in life. Instead of focusing on what the next episode will bring. We’re focusing on what our future goals will be.

There are some days I am still hesitant on not having a TV. I remember reading Joanna Gaine’s book where she talked about not owning a TV. At the time I thought to myself, “I could never do that.” Now, I am a proud non-owner of a TV.

Do you have a TV in your home? If so could you live without it? I want to hear from you. Feel free to share your TV experience below in the comment section.

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