How To Drink Coffee From Around the World for Free


I LOVE coffee. It is one of my favorite drinks in the world. So when there is a chance to try different coffee for free I am all over it. How? It’s an event called cupping.

Cupping is where you come together as a group to taste different coffees from around the world. That’s what my family and I did today. Here’s what you can expect.


Theta Ridge Coffee is a local coffee distributer where they sell different types of coffee from places like Brazil, Indonesia and Africa. This particular coffee distributer travels to personally pick out coffee from these countries. They spend time with the farmers and really get to know them and their product.


If you’re a coffee drinker that has to have cream and sugar then just be aware that you will not find that on the cupping table. I am one of those people. However, this experience wasn’t as bad as I feared.

Kevin, the owner and our coffee guide, sat out 5 different types of coffee. The grounds were in tiny glasses. Our group traveled around the table to smell the fresh grounds, trying to figure out what the flavors are. Next, Kevin poured hot water over the grains. A grain crust built along the top. We then went around with a spoon slowly moving the crust that released the aromas of the coffee. It was amazing how different some smelled once they were in hot water.

Next came the tasting. Kevin removed the grains off of the top. Then we each took our spoon and dipped it in the coffee. Then slurped. You can either spit out the coffee or swallow it.

The cool part about the cupping experience is getting a chance to taste coffee that you may not be able to normally afford. Today we were able to taste a Brazilian coffee called Jaci, a coffee that sold at auction last year for $58 a pound. I’ve never tasted coffee quite like this. Starbucks watch out!


The experience lasted about an hour. We even brought our 19-month old along with us. No, she didn’t drink coffee, but she did work on her slurping noises. It was a great way to meet others while doing what I love. Drinking coffee. Once again this was a free experience. Many cities do have this option available. New York City actually has a big cupping experience. Professionals taste about 250 different coffees a day. I’m not sure anyone can just join in on the fun, but it’s worth looking into.

So if you’re a coffee lover and are looking to learn more about your favorite drink then I recommend you try cupping.

Have you tried this? What did you think? Would you try it now?

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