When You See A Need That’s Bigger Than You

Are you getting excited yet about the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway? If you’ve been reading about theses ladies then you probably have some idea as to what will be up for grabs starting December 4th through December 15th. Before we start the giveaway there are still a few more ladies you need to meet.

Introducing, Leah. She is a wife and mother of 7. Even in the midst of her busy life she still has time to makes beautiful items. Leah started her side business, The Busted Quiver, to make some extra money. That’s when she decided to start donating her funds to something bigger than herself.


“I quickly realized that the profit I was bringing in would be a great way to support causes and other businesses that support justices, mainly anti-pornography causes and rescuing girls from sex trafficking.”


Next up is, Christina. She is the owner and operator of Your Happy House Cleaner. Christina started the business to help busy moms focus on the most important thing. Family.

“We help working moms enjoy having a happy home to come back to and the end of a long day! We give back our clients their time with their family.”


This lovely lady is Stacey. She is a wife and stay-at-home mom of 4. Stacey was looking for ways to help with the extras around the home. That’s when she decided to be a part of Pampered Chef.

“One night I hosted a Pampered Chef show in my home and my husband commented hey you could do that and have fun to.”

You’ve met 3 more hard working ladies, but they’re not the last. Coming up on Friday, you will meet the last set of ladies who are giving you free stuff.


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