Day 2 Giveaway: The Busted Quiver

I’m excited to introduce this item. I actually received these as a present for my birthday. I haven’t stopped wearing them. You may have spotted them in some of my pictures and videos I’ve done.

Today, you have the chance to win a pair of crochet earrings from The Busted Quiver. These are handmade by Leah who is a mother of 7. Yes, she still finds time to make these beautiful earrings. Leah talks about how making these earrings are helping a bigger cause than herself. A value of $16.


“I started this business when I couldn’t find crocheted earrings that I really like and could afford. I began searching out different styles and patterns. My friends seemed to really like what I was creating for them, so I started selling them. I quickly realized that the profit I was bringing in would be a great way to support causes and other businesses that support justices. Mainly anti-pornography causes and rescuing girls from sex trafficking. The name of my business came  from our big family. It is hard work  and raising these children. I feel at times that our quiver has just gone and busted with all these arrows we are blessed with, so that’s how we got the name!  I feel like the profit, “The Busted Quiver” donates is small considering the huge problem that both of those things are. We pray that the small amount given does big things for justice in our world.” – Leah

You can follow the Busted Quiver on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about Leah’s mission.

Enter a chance to win a free pair of crochet earrings below.

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