Day 7 Giveaway: Nutty’s Peanut Butter


Day 7’s Christmas Giveaway is a treat. Literally. The holidays are full of sweet treats and what better way to add to your cookie baking this year than flavored peanut butter. Nutty’s is fresh milled peanut butter in fun, delicious flavors. Owner and creator Carrie says, “We love making it because peanut butter just makes people happy! Combining it with flavors like White Chocolate, Chocolate and Butterscotch make it even more fun! We love to see people’s reactions to the different flavors.”

Carrie was kind enough to send me some and I can’t express enough how amazing this stuff is. Here how Carrie’s love for peanut butter sparked her interest to start her own business.


“Growing up I always loved peanut butter. I even imagined one day I would open up my own peanut butter store! God blessed me with a super encouraging husband, who one day said “Why don’t we just go for it?” When we realized we could make it more fun with different flavors, our kitchen turned into a taste test kitchen. There was a lot of tasting going on for sure! Over the years we’ve really enjoyed working together and getting to know our customers.” – Carrie
You can see what new flavors they’re working on by following Carrie on Facebook and Instagram.
Don’t forget to head on over to Nutty’s website. You may want to order some peanut butter for a Christmas present for the peanut butter lover in your life.
Here’s how you can enter a chance to win this tasty giveaway.
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