Day 8 Giveaway: Your Happy House Cleaner


Here is the item up for grabs for Day 8. Ladies, this is a 2-for-1 type of giveaway. You can enjoy a relaxing bath and get jewelry in the process. Owner of Your Happy House Cleaner, Christina loves helping busy women stay stress free. Christina leaves little treats for her clients and this month it is a homemade bath bomb with a surprise inside! One client will get the surprise in theirs. This month it is a pair of earring from Ecuador made out of Acari berries and sold by a local artist here in Clarksville KY.



“I own and operate “Your Happy House Cleaner”, a residential cleaning company that specializes in routine cleans to help working moms enjoy having a happy home to come back to and the end of a long day! We give back our clients their time with their family. Our company loves to support our local mompreneurs! We order as much as we can from local vendors. If you still need a day filled, we have a bomb with a pair of earrings inside for one lucky winner!” – Christina

You can check out Your Happy House Cleaner on Facebook or on their website.

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