How to make a Capsule Ornament

If you’ve read my review on Datebox then you may have seen the capsule ornament provided in the box. I would love to say I thought of it but I can’t. However, it is a new tradition my husband and I are adopting for the holiday season.

Here’s how you can make your own capsule ornament.


What you will need:

Plastic ornament that comes apart. (Splits in half)

• Paper

• Pen

• Glitter

• Glue

• Craft writing pens

These are the items that were given to us. You can always use other craft items as well.

My husband and I kept our décor basic. I also made sure to write the year on the inside of the ornament. Remember to just decorate the outside. Or make sure the inside is dry before placing your message inside.

After you’ve decorated your ornament it’s time to write a message. This can be really anything. I wrote a letter to myself. I wrote out goals I want to meet in 2018 and I wrote a quick note to my family. If you have kids then maybe have them draw a picture if they can’t write yet. Or maybe put hand prints on some paper. Then next year you can compare how much they’ve grown.

Since this is the first year for us we won’t be able to do the whole reading last year’s note. But next year we plan on reading our messages in Christmas Eve. Then writing a new note to put inside.

Another cool thing to do is get a scrap book. So each year you can put the messages in the scrap book. That way in years to come you can go back and read them. Another great way for your kids to read their old messages when they are olde. You can keep the scrap book with the Christmas decorations to make it easier.

For foster parents this would be a great idea to incorporate in your home around the holidays. You can either keep the ornaments after the kids make them or let the child take them. I know some kids are in homes for a short time but it could be something to remember them by.

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