Looking Beyond the Mess

In less than two weeks I went from being a mom of a 2-year-old to being a mom of two elementary school girls and pre teen. It’s been interesting for sure. Among the many changes is dealing with the extra mess.

I’m used to my toddler leaving a mess of toys but glitter, paint and glue is a whole other animal.

I came home last night after work and saw that the girls did some art work. I briefly glanced at their masterpieces because I was too focused on the glitter covering my dining room floor. Honestly, I was mad. Frustrated because I did not want to see the mess. Why didn’t they pick it up?

This morning I woke up and saw the mess again. I was still frustrated because I knew I would be the person to clean it up. I started complaining to myself about the extra work. But then I realized I’m overlooking something. I’m forgetting what this mess represents.

The mess is more than spilled glitter and dry paint. It’s a beautiful, messy picture of kids being kids. Kids that come from a home where they’re used to being the adult. It’s proof that they were having fun in our home.

I started to feel guilty about my attitude towards the mess. Especially knowing that these two little girls will be heading to another foster home tomorrow.

You may not be a foster parent but all parents get frustrated with their kids. With the mess they make while having fun. Even though kids should clean up after themselves…we as parents should not look at it as a negative. But a positive that they are experiencing joy, happiness and love.

If you find yourself frustrated just take a step back and find a positive. Be thankful for those messes. Remember they are temporary. There’s plenty of time to have a clean house when you’re older.

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