Why Holiday Cards Can Leave a Legacy


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As a little girl, I loved going to the mail box and pulling out holiday cards sent to us from family and friends who lived far away. I remember opening envelopes to see a beautiful snow photo with writings of warm wishes for our family. Then taking them inside the house to display them for the rest of the holiday season. As time went on, cards became more personal. Families were able to incorporate their photos with their holiday photo cards. It gave distant relatives and friends a deeper look into how everyone is growing up. But in 2019, how many of us still send these cards or even consider them a blessing in our mailbox? Especially since we have social media keeping us informed 24/7.

I was watching a live Q&A Instagram story the other day between a daughter and mother. The mother discussed how she doesn’t accept gifts from her kids for birthdays or holidays anymore. Instead, she asks them to write a story of an event that happened to them that year. Whether it be funny or serious. Then she puts the writings in books where she can later go back and read them. How great would it be to incorporate that tradition with a photo holiday card?! That’s my plan for the upcoming holidays at least. What a legacy you can leave behind for generations to come who want to learn more about their family tree.


I know what you’re probably thinking though? Why should I spend all this money on these holiday cards when they will just end up in the trash? It’s possible they won’t. Maybe only send them to family and close friends who you know will really cherish them. You never know, maybe one day they will bring back beautiful memories for those that come across them.

A great example would be going through belongings of say an elder relative…maybe a grandmother who kept everything. You never knew where all those photo cards went until you started cleaning out her belongings. You come across a box full of them and there you see your kids 15 years ago perfectly posed in a family photo. But maybe it took 20 different takes, snacks and a lot of bribing to get your kids to smile once. It brings back those awesome memories that you’ve forgotten.

Maybe you run across a holiday invite to a party you kept. It was to your first gathering since moving to a new town. You start to remember the nervous feeling you had walking into the home. Most importantly you remember the close friends you made at that party. It’s also a great site to create holiday cards to send out to everyone.

These are just a few ways holidays cards (with or without photos) can leave a legacy for you and your family. I actually ordered sample copies for my family to preview what I want to send out this Christmas. I will show you examples on Instagram and Facebook once they come in. Here are some great examples though of what this amazing card company, Basic Invite has to offer. Some of them include holiday save the date cards which are the cutest for couples getting married.

What’s your favorite thing about getting holiday cards in the mail? Do you have any special stories? Please leave a comment below.

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