Day 9 Giveaway: MayeBelle Boutique


The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is going strong.  And we’re not done yet. Today, the item up for grabs is a “Winter Wonderland” style top donated by Mayebelle Boutique. (The item is a $34 value).


I first met owner, Marissa, through Business Boutique Community group. She was one of the many ladies who wanted to partner with me for the giveaway. I was super excited to add her to the list. Today’s giveaway wouldn’t have been possible without Marissa’s recent decision to start her own business. Marissa shares her story.

As a mom of 3, I look for clothes that make me feel good. I love a shirt that gives me confidence yet feels comfortable.  My aim is to provide clothing that allows you to feel the same way.

Even though I’ve always enjoyed fashion, it took me some time to make the leap to start my own business.  In the summer of 2017 Mayebelle Boutique was formed.  The name “Mayebelle” was created from combining the names of our two daughters.  Mayebelle Boutique is for any woman who is looking for fashionable affordable and comfortable clothing. -Marissa, Mayebelle Boutique

Now that you know about the item and a little bit about the amazing lady giving it away. It’s time to enter a chance to win. Follow the link below.

You can also visit Mayebelle Boutique on Facebook and Instagram. Just in case you want to buy something from her store.

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Meet The Women Behind The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I’m so excited to introduce you to the faces behind all the awesome free stuff up for grabs in December. Today, you get to meet 3 of the 12 ladies who have donated items for you guys.

Meet Joy! She started her own business because she loved serving others. Joy grew up in Mississippi in a large family. Joy says it was after her father’s passing that she took a chance on her business.

“I wanted to do something with it, but it wasn’t until my father passed away that I began honing my skills. I started my own business from home to help pay the bills.”


You’ll find out more about Joy and what item she is giving away to a lucky winner during the 12 Days of Christmas. I’m not going to tell you what that item yet. But you can learn more about Joy’s business Mississippi Coffee Lady.



Next up is Marissa! She is a mother of 3 who has a passion for fashion. (Hey, that rhymes). Marissa is one of the many ladies I met through Business Boutique. She launched her business this year. Now, she’s trying to give you guys a chance to win something in December. Marissa talks about what inspired her business name, Maybelle Boutique.

“The name “Mayebelle” was created from combining the names of our two daughters.”


The last lady of the day is Cara. She started her business, The Modern Healthy Hippie, to help others start a healthy journey. Cara is so excited to be a part of this giveaway. I can tell you she is offering a pretty awesome item for you.

“My passion is helping them realize that when they feel and look their best, they can be more available for so many others, reduce their health care costs and be the best version of themselves!”

We’re are still severals days away from the giveaway, but I wanted you to get to know theses ladies. They all come from different backgrounds and have different businesses but they all have a few things in common. They have a passion to serve you, to help build their business and provide for their families.

You’ll meet three more ladies tomorrow so be on the look out.

Do you have any guesses about what the giveaways will be? Leave a comment below.