Encourage a Mother with the Last Minute $1 Gift Idea



Moms. What would we do without them? Today is their time to shine. No matter how they became a mom or who calls them mom, it’s a time to recognize their hard work. Here is a great way to encourage a mom in your life.

I host a brunch every month and last weekend I had my sweet ladies participate in an encouraging craft idea. I saw another wife do this for her husband one year. I thought how cool would this be to give moms or ladies a little encouragement throughout their days. I call them encouraging boxes.

What you’ll need:

  • Box/jar
  • Pencil, pens, color pencils
  • Scraps of paper
  • Bible/Quote book

This super easy craft is something that is sure to bring a smile to a mother’s face. As one of my ladies mentioned last week — it’s also kind of a personal gift to give someone. Something that takes some time and thought.

I made one for a dear friend of mine who is expecting her third child. She wasn’t able to attend the Lady’s Brunch, but usually attends. So we all put in a few quotes, scriptures and encouraging notes.

I like to think of the person and what makes them smile. Whether they like funny jokes from “The Office” TV show or enjoys reading scriptures and encouraging mommy quotes. I write them out on a piece of paper. I even draw little pictures on them with colored pencils. Then I fold it up and stick it in the box.

The whole idea behind the gift is that they only pull out a piece of paper when they need some encouragement. Whether that be in the midst of disciplining a child or dealing with a rude coworker. These boxes are so easy to make. Everyone needs encouragement. But we can’t always be there to provide it or know they are struggling.

For those last minute Mother’s Day shoppers this could be something cheap and easy to do for a mom. Whether they lost a child, struggle with infertility or are raising up toddler.


Sweet friends filling their own boxes to help encourage another lady. 

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A Budget Friendly Way to Eat Healthy on the Road

It’s time for a pit stop. You’re half way through your road trip but you need something to eat. So you stop at the first fast food restaurant. You wish there was a healthier option but you get your second burger and fries of the trip. After you eat the meal you feel yucky. Heavy. And you’re still not at your destination. Here are some ways my family and I️ save money and eat healthy on the road.

Preparing meals for the road trip and meals while on vacation cost us $50 for 3 people. We also bought enough to feed 4 other adults and two more kids. Yes, we shop at Aldi. (If you don’t you should.)

1. Planning ahead. This is the most important step of the process. It’s easy to throw random food in your cooler but having a plan is key. One thing I️ do is prep our meals. For example, if you know you’ll need dinner then plan a dinner that is easy to eat and carry on the road. Here’s what I️ did. I️ made a can of soup and put it in a big thermos. Then I️ made a few PB&Js for me and my husband. It’s simple but not as heavy as fast food.

2. Prepare Your child’s meal. My daughter gets hungry on road trips. Food is about the only thing that keeps her mostly happy. So when it’s dinner time I️ don’t want to stop and make a sandwich in a random parking lot. I️ want to pull it out and hand it to her. For my daughter I️ put Chicken, crackers, strawberries, bell peppers and a cheese stick in a plastic container with a lid. I also added a fork. It’s easy to feed the little ones. Especially in cars. It cuts down on the mess.

3. Lots of Snacks. Snacks can help you stay focused on the road. But filling up on greasy potato chips or candy is not the healthiest or the cheapest. For our trip I️ packed some bell peppers with guacamole. I️ like the individual Guacamole packs because it’s great for portion control and travels well. Another snack is carrots and hummus. I️ use these tiny containers I️ used to store my daughters baby food in. Now, they make containers for hummus or peanut butter.

4. Hassle- Free Transporting. There is food that needs to stay cold and there are the snacks and dry food. A great way to transport dry food without a ton of grocery bags is putting it in one large plastic tub with a lid. When you start to unload, it will be easier to move and get to.

My husband and I️ were in need of a cooler. We planned on buying one from Amazon for $25 but we didn’t have time. My husband dropped off some donations before we left. While he was there he found a cooler. For $8. It was the perfect size to put the turkey and other cold items in. Plus I️ hate styrofoam coolers because they squeak the whole road trip.

5. Milk for little ones. We always bring a full carton of almond milk for our daughter. But we don’t need all of it while driving. So I️ put enough for two cup refills in a mason jar. It stays tightly sealed and is easy to find. I️ just stick it in our cooler picnic basket.

6. Easy access. When you want snacks, the last thing you want to do is search for them. Instead, you can place them in a plastic container where they can be reached by everyone. It’s quick and easy. Not to mention safer when it comes to distracted driving.

What are some ways you eat healthyon the road?

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