DateBox: What’s Really Inside?


Datebox. It’s one of thousands of subscription boxes you can order. Each month there is a new activity, snack and game inside. My husband and I were curious so we started ordering them. We were NOT disappointed. We have been getting a date box every month for 6 months. But I wanted to give you guys a look into this month’s box.

DateBox: Holiday Special. 

  • Spotify Playlist for to go with the Datebox
  • Peppermint Truffles — You make them together
  • Eggnog Recipe
  • Conversation Starter
  • Capsule Ornament making kit
  • Pictionary with Christmas tunes

Peppermint Truffles. We received supplies for White Chocolate Peppermint Truffles. Sometimes in Dateboxes they will provide all the ingredients and sometimes you have to pick up a few things up yourself. For us, all we needed was cream cheese. They provided the Oreos, white chocolate and candy canes.

I’m sorry to say these look horrible. They were suppose to be coated in white chocolate and sprinkled with candy canes, but I burned the chocolate on the stove. It’s best if you melt it in a microwave. Sadly, we don’t have one so that’s why this photo isn’t as cool as I had hoped.

Capsule Ornament. This was one of my favorite things in the box. They provided all the supplies to decorate the ornament. Then you write a letter and place it inside of the ornament and hang on the tree. The catch is you don’t read the letter aloud until next Christmas. Read more about how we’re making it a new tradition this year.

Pictionary with Christmas Carols. This was such a fun game. You can play it against each other or work together. One person draws a card. Then tries to draw the title of the Christmas tune before the sand runs out. You can’t use numbers or letters at ALL. This game had us laughing so hard. Steven and I worked together thankfully. I thought I knew Christmas songs until we had to figure them out through pictures.

This Datebox also came with a Eggnog recipe. We skipped that one because we didn’t have all of the ingredients. Instead we just had coffee with our date. Also, each box comes with a specific Spotify playlist. I’ve never been disappointed with any of the playlists. The box will almost always have conversation starters for you and your spouse as well. Each month there is something new we learn about one another through those questions.

Again, I love getting this box once a month. We don’t live near family and only have a Nanny during the week. So when we want a date night this helps us take time for ourselves. Plus, every box is unique. It keeps the dates exciting even if they are at home.

Have you subscribed to the Datebox? If so let me know what you like most? What was your favorite box so far?

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A New Christmas Tradition: “I call mistletoe.”

7 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Single

A New Christmas Tradition: “I call mistletoe.”


“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” 

Ephesians 4:2-3

Christmas is about a week away which means we’re on turbo mode as we try and grab the last presents on our list, get ready for the in-laws who are coming into town and preparing ourselves for days of back-to-back events. Among the chaos it’s easy to forget those around us. Especially our spouse. That’s why my husband, Steven, and I started a new tradition. Mistletoe.

I never grew up with mistletoe in my home. The only time I really saw it was in Christmas movies. Usually when a guy was trying to sneak a kiss from a girl he had a huge crush on. I started thinking about mistletoe and how it forces two people to kiss while standing underneath it.

That’s when I had the idea of bringing it into our home. With our busy schedules (I know for me) I get a one-tracked mind. When I have things to do I get so focused that I can blur out everything else around me. I’m embarrassed to admit, but sometimes I forget to stop and kiss my husband just because I can. So I wanted a reminder.


I hung mistletoe around the busiest area in our home. It’s located between the kitchen and our door where we leave. Those are also the 2 out of the 3 main rooms we clean every day. So when we are busy cleaning the house or heading to work…we see a reminder to take a few extra moments to kiss.

Why? Because every day is a day we should be fighting for our marriages. Each day is filled with things to get done and the daily routines. But they’re never as important as the one God chose for me to do life with. I already don’t get to spend a lot of time with my husband throughout the week so I want every second to count when I am with him.

It’s also a great way to get over an argument. If you find you and your spouse disagreeing about something then one of you can call “mistletoe.” In our house that means you have to stop arguing, kiss each other and mean it. No quick pecks on the lips while still harnessing an attitude. It needs to be a genuine kiss.

Ironically enough, my husband already does this to me. Mostly when I am cleaning the house. I tend to turn in a raging monster. So he usually stops me and kisses and hugs me until I calm down and smile. It never fails, I walk away giggling and thanking Steven for making me relax. I never want to get too busy to forget to kiss my husband. Especially during the holidays.

What do you think about this tradition?

What are some traditions you and your spouse have to keep you close during hectic times?

I want to hear from you. Leave me your comments.

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Something Creative, Something Tasty and Something Encouraging

So far you’ve learned a little bit about 3 ladies who are part of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Now, you get to meet 3 more.

Something Creative. Meet, Heather. She is one of the sweetest people I know. I’m lucky to call her my friend. Heather and I have been hanging out over the last year. So when I decided to do this giveaway I knew I had to ask Heather to be a part of it. I absolutely love her talent. I cannot wait for you guys to see what she can do. Here’s a sneak peek at why she started her business, The Gray Nest.


 “After Mark and I got married and had our first home I really wanted to make our space beautiful, but lets be honest it can cost a lot. So I looked for ways that I could create my own décor.”


Something tasty. Next up is, Carrie. She turns something yummy into something even more yummy. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but Carrie has always loved the item she makes now. With the help from her husband, she was able to make her business, Nutty’s Peanut Butter, come true.

“God blessed me with a super encouraging husband, who one day said “Why don’t we just go for it?” When we realized we could make it more fun with different flavors, our kitchen turned into a taste test kitchen.”


Something Encouraging. Finally, meet Karmen. I first learned about her business while I was listening to Business Boutique Podcast. She was a guest on the show. Karmen was sharing how she took a passion and a calling and turned it into a tool to help others.

“I am passionate storyteller who loves encouraging others with REAL stories about REAL life.  Her heartbeat is to challenge women to look for the activity of God amidst life’s struggles.”

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7 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Single

Grandma's Special Herbs-2

It’s officially November which means we are heading into the holidays quickly. It’s a time for joy, love and cheer. But when you’re single the holidays can leave you frustrated and even sad. Here are some ways to survive your family’s repetitive “single” questions.

  1. Own your status: Be confident in who you are. Whether that means you explain to your family why you’re single or inform them your marital status is not the topic for Thanksgiving dinner. It honestly depends on how you are with your family and what your story is. But don’t let them make you feel bad about your status. There is nothing wrong with being single.
  2. Bring a friend to the party: Now you may not want to bring a friend of the opposite sex. Otherwise you’re asking for everyone to comment on your relationship. But if you have friend who is single as well then bring them along. That way you won’t be stuck at the kids table. Or have to sit between couples the whole time.
  3. Spend time with those you love: I know most people battle their families about being single, but some families actually accept it without making it a big deal. If that is yours then just enjoy time with them. If you’re the only single person in the room don’t focus on that. Be thankful that you get to spend time with your family. We are never promised tomorrow. You never know if this will be someone’s last holiday season.
  4. Stay Busy at Holiday parties: When my family and I get together we like to play games. When you’re playing “spoons” or a fun group game you won’t be thinking about your marital status. You’ll be having too much fun with each other.
  5. Throw a singles Holiday party: Whether it’s a Thanksgiving meal or a Tacky-sweater Christmas party, it’s a great time to have other single friends over. You can even invite people who may be going through a divorce. Or someone who lost their spouse. No matter if you’re in your early 20’s or late 50’s you know of people who are single. It’s a great time to get to know new friends.
  6. Treat yourself to a special gift: I don’t mean go out and buy a new car. Unless you have the money in cash. I do mean get yourself something that you can afford based on your income. Whether that be a movie and a pedicure or buying yourself a new outfit. Spend time alone and do something that is fun. One day you’ll look back at your single years and be thankful for them. Which takes me to my last point.
  7. Be thankful for the single years: I know this seems like a hard one. Especially if you’ve been alone a long time. One thing I can tell you is I loved my single years. I loved meeting new people and learning who I was. Maybe that’s you this holiday season. So don’t be afraid to get to know who you are.

I hope these tips are helpful. They’re not bullet proof but I pray they help you stay positive. Again, don’t focus on your martial status. Instead, enjoy time with family and friends. Be thankful for what you have. Most importantly, remember that being single is not a disease. Nor is it a dirty word. I don’t know why you are single but it’s not because you’re NOT wanted. You’re amazing as you are.

If there is one thing you take from this blog I hope you remember how much God loves you. He is the point of the season anyway right? Remember Jesus was single too. He spent his short life doing for others. Even dying on the cross to save you. So if anyone knows about single life it’s him. Maybe spend more time with him when you feel alone. Let him fill your heart with love this holiday season. Surround yourself with people that love you. It will be the best reminder of how much you are loved. Even after the holiday season.

What are some ways you handle being single throughout the holiday season? I want to hear form you. Leave a comment. Be sure to like my Facebook page and Instagram.