What A $2 Valentine’s Day Gift Taught Me About My Marriage

“Marriage has the power to set the course of your life as a whole. If your marriage is strong, even if all the circumstances in your life around you are filled with trouble and weakness, it won’t matter. You will be able to move out into the world in strength.”

– Tim Keller

My husband and I knew going into Valentine’s Day that we wouldn’t have anything for each other. Life has been so hectic with foster training, work and other projects that we forgot to plan ahead. We decided to celebrate this weekend when we got to spend time together.

Yesterday, I had a cute story lined up about a dog and his new owner meeting for the first time. The former owners of the dog had wrapped his injured leg in duct tape. When the vet finally got to them his toes had to be amputated. It was the donations from this one consignment store that helped Ducky get the care he needed. So I went to the store yesterday to do the interviews. (It’s one of my favorite stores by the way). As I started to get video of the store I noticed some cool cups sitting on a shelf. One was a gold and white tea cup. I’m collecting them for my lady’s brunch coming up. I was so excited to see it cost $0.59. That’s when I started to look and see if there was a cool mug for my husband.

I knew I had a little over $2 in cash so I had to be thrifty. (We’re on the cash only system because we follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial advise). I almost gave up when I saw this one cup stuck between other mugs. It was a blue and gray striped mug. Perfect for Steven. He doesn’t have a lot of guy mugs so I wanted to get it for him. I was so proud that I could bring him home something for Valentine’s Day. Even if it was a small gift.

If you know Steven and I then you know drinking coffee together has been one of our things since we were friends. At first when I got these cups I was thinking about them just as gifts. But then I realized these cups represent our marriage and love for one another.

Some days in marriage I can’t give anymore. I am overwhelmed with work, life and taking care of Aurora. That’s when my amazing husband pours his strength into me. So when my tea cup is empty he is there to help me get back on track. The same thing goes for him. When he is tired and exhausted I am there to help him.

Now, there have been times we’ve had nothing to give each other. We weren’t keeping our cups filled. That’s when friends and family stepped in to help. Other times we have to fill ourselves up with God’s word just to get through the day. But we don’t stop giving.

These $2.25 cups represent the way a marriage and community should work. If you see your spouse needs to be filled and you keep the contents to yourself then you’re being selfish in your marriage. Marriage does not work when you are thinking about your own wants and needs. You are teammates not enemies.

 “Do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Most importantly as couples we need to be first filling ourselves with God’s word. We cannot help others if we have nothing to give. If you want to see your marriage improve then invest in your relationship with God. It’s there that you will find how to release those selfish desires and give to your spouse more each day. It’s in God’s word that you will see how you need to love your spouse unconditionally. Marriage is hard. It’s even harder when God is not the center of both of your lives.

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Day 4 Giveaway: Mississippi Coffee Lady


Today’s giveaway is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Coffee. I am a serious coffee drinker. So I decided to share my love with you. Today you can win a bag of coffee from Mississippi Coffee. It’s an $8 value for 1/2 lb of coffee.

Joy is the lady behind this aroma gift. Like me, she too has a passion for coffee. Here’s how she got started.


“I grew up on a farm in small town Mississippi with a large family, horses, lots of hard work, and strong coffee!! My parent’s home was a constant hub of activity as they ministered to others from around the world growing up, and I was dubbed “the coffee lady” by hundreds that came through our home. I’ve always loved coffee and loved serving it to others! I wanted to do something with it, but it wasn’t until my father passed away that I began honing my skills as a roaster. I started my own business from home to help pay the bills. When I married my husband a year ago, I brought Mississippi Coffee Lady with me and I’m living my dream as a wife now at home as I roast gourmet coffee from our farm in GA!” – Joy
If you’re a big coffee lover then make sure to check out Mississippi Coffee Lady’s website.
You can also follow Joy on Facebook and Instagram.
Here’s how you can win a free bag of coffee today.
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Meet The Women Behind The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I’m so excited to introduce you to the faces behind all the awesome free stuff up for grabs in December. Today, you get to meet 3 of the 12 ladies who have donated items for you guys.

Meet Joy! She started her own business because she loved serving others. Joy grew up in Mississippi in a large family. Joy says it was after her father’s passing that she took a chance on her business.

“I wanted to do something with it, but it wasn’t until my father passed away that I began honing my skills. I started my own business from home to help pay the bills.”


You’ll find out more about Joy and what item she is giving away to a lucky winner during the 12 Days of Christmas. I’m not going to tell you what that item yet. But you can learn more about Joy’s business Mississippi Coffee Lady.



Next up is Marissa! She is a mother of 3 who has a passion for fashion. (Hey, that rhymes). Marissa is one of the many ladies I met through Business Boutique. She launched her business this year. Now, she’s trying to give you guys a chance to win something in December. Marissa talks about what inspired her business name, Maybelle Boutique.

“The name “Mayebelle” was created from combining the names of our two daughters.”


The last lady of the day is Cara. She started her business, The Modern Healthy Hippie, to help others start a healthy journey. Cara is so excited to be a part of this giveaway. I can tell you she is offering a pretty awesome item for you.

“My passion is helping them realize that when they feel and look their best, they can be more available for so many others, reduce their health care costs and be the best version of themselves!”

We’re are still severals days away from the giveaway, but I wanted you to get to know theses ladies. They all come from different backgrounds and have different businesses but they all have a few things in common. They have a passion to serve you, to help build their business and provide for their families.

You’ll meet three more ladies tomorrow so be on the look out.

Do you have any guesses about what the giveaways will be? Leave a comment below.

How To Drink Coffee From Around the World for Free


I LOVE coffee. It is one of my favorite drinks in the world. So when there is a chance to try different coffee for free I am all over it. How? It’s an event called cupping.

Cupping is where you come together as a group to taste different coffees from around the world. That’s what my family and I did today. Here’s what you can expect.


Theta Ridge Coffee is a local coffee distributer where they sell different types of coffee from places like Brazil, Indonesia and Africa. This particular coffee distributer travels to personally pick out coffee from these countries. They spend time with the farmers and really get to know them and their product.


If you’re a coffee drinker that has to have cream and sugar then just be aware that you will not find that on the cupping table. I am one of those people. However, this experience wasn’t as bad as I feared.

Kevin, the owner and our coffee guide, sat out 5 different types of coffee. The grounds were in tiny glasses. Our group traveled around the table to smell the fresh grounds, trying to figure out what the flavors are. Next, Kevin poured hot water over the grains. A grain crust built along the top. We then went around with a spoon slowly moving the crust that released the aromas of the coffee. It was amazing how different some smelled once they were in hot water.

Next came the tasting. Kevin removed the grains off of the top. Then we each took our spoon and dipped it in the coffee. Then slurped. You can either spit out the coffee or swallow it.

The cool part about the cupping experience is getting a chance to taste coffee that you may not be able to normally afford. Today we were able to taste a Brazilian coffee called Jaci, a coffee that sold at auction last year for $58 a pound. I’ve never tasted coffee quite like this. Starbucks watch out!


The experience lasted about an hour. We even brought our 19-month old along with us. No, she didn’t drink coffee, but she did work on her slurping noises. It was a great way to meet others while doing what I love. Drinking coffee. Once again this was a free experience. Many cities do have this option available. New York City actually has a big cupping experience. Professionals taste about 250 different coffees a day. I’m not sure anyone can just join in on the fun, but it’s worth looking into.

So if you’re a coffee lover and are looking to learn more about your favorite drink then I recommend you try cupping.

Have you tried this? What did you think? Would you try it now?

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